Simple Hairstyles For Girls With Short, Long And Medium Hair

What is the part of first impression? When someone looks at you, the thing they notice first is your hairstyle. But in the hustle-bustle of life, there is no time to style your hair. So that’s why we are here to help you style your hair in less than 10 minutes…! Given below are the videos and the steps of simple hairstyles for girls that you can easily make at home.

Hairstyles for school, college and work



Easy Hairstyle 1:

Step 1: Take a side parting. After that take a two in section from the front and start twisting it in the back and slightly open it up by pulling on it. Then hold the twist right there and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 2: After that, take a one-in section right below the twist. Twist it towards the back and pull on it, then take it over the previous twist and secure it with a bobby pin right there.
Step 3: Take another section below the second twist, repeat the same process and secure it over the main twist. And you’re done.

Hairstyle 2:

Step 1: Begin by taking a middle parting. Take two to three-in section on both the sides and take it towards the back and secure it with an elastic band.
Step 2: Make a small opening in the center and flip it in. Now take a one-in section in the front and start twisting it in. keep twisting and pull-on it to open it up.
Step 3: Now take it towards the back and flip it through the pony tail and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 4: Now keep taking one-in sections, keep twisting them in and flip them through the pony tail. You can do this three to four time
Step 5: Now repeat the exact same thing on the other side. And you’re done.

Hairstyle 3:

Step 1: Start by taking a side parting. Divide a two to three-in section and split that in the center, making two equal halves.
Step 2: Now take the front section over the back section and twist it.Keep twisting it in the back and add a section from the front to the twist. So keep adding sections to the top sections and keep taking it backwards. Do this till you reach your ear and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 3: Now pull some hair on it and pull-up on the twist.
Step 4: Repeat the exactly same thing on the other side. And that’s it.

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