Simple Hairstyles For Girls With Short, Long And Medium Hair

What is the part of first impression? When someone looks at you, the thing they notice first is your hairstyle. But in the hustle-bustle of life, there is no time to style your hair. So that’s why we are here to help you style your hair in less than 10 minutes…! Given below are the videos and the steps of simple hairstyles for girls that you can easily make at home.

Hairstyles for school, college and work



Easy Hairstyle 1:

Step 1: Take a side parting. After that take a two in section from the front and start twisting it in the back and slightly open it up by pulling on it. Then hold the twist right there and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 2: After that, take a one-in section right below the twist. Twist it towards the back and pull on it, then take it over the previous twist and secure it with a bobby pin right there.
Step 3: Take another section below the second twist, repeat the same process and secure it over the main twist. And you’re done.

Hairstyle 2:

Step 1: Begin by taking a middle parting. Take two to three-in section on both the sides and take it towards the back and secure it with an elastic band.
Step 2: Make a small opening in the center and flip it in. Now take a one-in section in the front and start twisting it in. keep twisting and pull-on it to open it up.
Step 3: Now take it towards the back and flip it through the pony tail and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 4: Now keep taking one-in sections, keep twisting them in and flip them through the pony tail. You can do this three to four time
Step 5: Now repeat the exact same thing on the other side. And you’re done.

Hairstyle 3:

Step 1: Start by taking a side parting. Divide a two to three-in section and split that in the center, making two equal halves.
Step 2: Now take the front section over the back section and twist it.Keep twisting it in the back and add a section from the front to the twist. So keep adding sections to the top sections and keep taking it backwards. Do this till you reach your ear and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 3: Now pull some hair on it and pull-up on the twist.
Step 4: Repeat the exactly same thing on the other side. And that’s it.

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8 Peaceful Book Cafés In Delhi That Are A Must-Visit For Bibliophiles

There is always something for everyone. Like, for social people there are bars, same way for introverts who want to relax after a hard day, there are book cafes. With longer opening hours as compared to other outlets, book cafes are always there when you want to spend some quality time with your books and food. Here is the list of some fabulous book cafes in Delhi.

1. Café red

book cafes in delhi - cafe red - magicpin

Café Red is one of the must visit cafes in Delhi. Why? Because RED stands for Read, Eat and Drink. Also, this café has a hint of red in everything. In the chaotic lanes of Shahpur Jat, Café red is a quiet place in Delhi away from the hustle bustle of the outer world. The graffiti on the walls adds a fun element to this rather easy-going cafe.

Highlights:  Take-away available, breakfast place, smoking zone
Cuisine: Cafe
Cost of two: Rs.1250
Address: Shahpur Jat, New Delhi (get directions)
Contact: +91 81 3007 8410

2. Ivy and Bean

book cafes in delhi - ivy bean - magicpin

Ever heard of a Three Cheese Quesadilla?? Don’t think much, it is the name of one of the dishes that are served in this book café. This café is a fantasy for all those who desire to read their favorite book and enjoy a unique cuisine altogether. With its quaint white interiors mixed with pastel furnishing, a good library, and an interesting menu, Ivy & Bean is going to want to keep coming back.

Highlights: Take-away available, air conditioned, vegetarian only
Cuisine: CafeContinentalItalian
Cost of two: Rs.1350
Address: Shahpur Jat, New Delhi (get directions)
Contact: +91 11 4109 0119

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Ice Cream Rolled Into Tacos ? This Dessert Parlour Is Making Our Dreams Come True

Near the Huda City Center metro station, there is a hidden gem – Fumo Creamsamong many shops in Gurgaon. This ordinary looking shop is a surprise when you step in. The delicious aroma of ice-creams in the air and the sight of many colorful ice-lollies will instantly make your mouth water. Fumo creams is a second-to-none ice cream parlor. They prepare the ice-creams in front of you. Their shakes are thick and perfect in the scorching heat. The fumes coming out of the drinks are too tempting. The presentation of their ice-creams is very impressing.

ice-cream taco - magicpin

And the special feature about this parlor is their ice-cream taco waffles! The tacos feature regular ice cream sandwiched tucked inside a rounded waffle cone shell. And the best part is that ice-cream is not scooped inside, it’s rolled in the taco waffle. The ice cream is then embellished with edible gold, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and fizzy sweets. Pretty enough?!

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Must Visit Restaurants in Delhi/NCR For Pizza Lovers

Pizza is not just that hearty meal or the food that makes you drool. It’s a form of a culinary art that has to be mastered. Today, pizza is the go-to meal for nagging housewives, hungry teens, and for late night snackers all over the world. Pizza lovers, be ready to get high with these appetizing pizzas.
And also check out places that serve pizza cones in Delhi, NCR – Pamper yourself with pizza cones at these 5 places.

1. LA Pino’z Pizza

pizza restaurants - la pinoz pizza - magicpin
This is a must try outlet. The uniqueness of pizzas is defined by the super fine crust, extravagant toppings, and delicious meaty flavors.  The best thing about this restaurant is the home like ambiance. You’ll fall in love with the doodle wall. I suggest this place to any hardcore fan of pizza out there.

Highlights: Takeaway available, home delivery
Must-haves:  Pepperoni Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Chicken Wings
Cuisine: Pizza, Italian, Chinese, North Indian
Cost for two: Rs.700
Address: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

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Planning To Get Your Hair Colored? Read This To Find The Best Shade For Your Skin Tone

New hair color trends are on the horizon. It may seem like there’s nothing new to offer after all the trends we’ve seen in the past years. Well, advanced versions of best hair colors for women are becoming imminent. Take a look and choose according to your skin tone.
According to this classification, there are 6 skin types:

Type I  – Light Skin – pale white; blonde

Type II – Fair skin – white; fair; blonde

Type III – Medium skin – cream white; wheatish

Type IV – Tan brown skin – dark brown

Type V  – Black brown skin – deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown

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Experience the Greatest hits at these restaurant in Noida

Food is one of those things which keeps a person going throughout the day. Noida is the hub for many deluxe restaurants which would keep you coming back to them. Following is the list of those outlets which have gained fame for catering the best food in Noida.

The 5 Hottest Food Trucks In Gurgaon Right Now

Before you start reading this post, do check out our awesome post on the 16 best restaurants in Delhi.

Recently, there has been an explosion of food trucks in India. While the concept of food trucks has been around for some time, it’s only now that India’s food truck scene has seen an explosive growth. And Gurgaon has been at the forefront.

From Thai to American, every kind of dish is being prepared on the streets of Gurgaon and have been selling like hotcakes! We’ve listed a few of the wackiest, craziest food trucks that we’ve come across. Give them a try!